215 - 320 6th St Winkler MB   |   In the Crocus Place Mall   |   204-325-8201

"Here to help" 

Wheelchairs, Winkler, MB

Drive Travelite

Drive Super Light

Drive Poly-Fly Combo

Drive Transportchair TS19

Drive Transportchair ATC

Drive Transportchair Fly-Wght

Drive Steel Transportchair

Drive Duet Transport / Rollator

Drive Expedition Transportchair

Drive Bariatric 22" Transportchr

Drive Bariatric Steel Transpchar


Drive Medical Standard Wheelchairs

Drive Rebel

Drive Blue Streak

Drive Silver Sport I

Drive Silver Sport II

Drive Chrome Sport

Drive Cruiser III

Drive Viper

Drive Medical Wheelchair.

Driver Viper Plus GT

Drive Cougar


Drive Medical Bariatric Standard Wheelchairs

Drive Sentra EC HD

Drive Sentra Extra HD

Drive Sentra EC HD XX Wide


Future Mobility Lightweight Folding Wheelchairs

Future Mobility Galaxy Lite

Future Mobility Northern Lite

Future Mobility Stellato II


Future Mobility Tilt-In-Space Wheelchairs

Future Mobility Orion II

Future Mobility Orion III

Future Mobility Capella


Future Mobility Kids & Bariatric

Future Mobility Super Chair

Future Mobility Orion II 500


PDG Mobility Tiliting Wheelchairs

PDG Fuze T20 Wheelchair.

PDG Fuze T20

PDG Fuze T50 Wheelchair.

PDG Fuze T50

PDG Fuze T50Jr Wheelchair.

PDG Fuze T50Jr

PDG Stellar GL Wheelchair.

PDG Stellar GL

PDG Bentley Wheelchair.

PDG Bentley 

PDG Stellar Wheelchair.

PDG Stellar

PDG Stellar HD Wheelchair.

PDG Stellar HD


PDG Mobility Bariatric, Lightweight, & Specialty

PDG Eclipse Wheelchair.

PDG Eclipse Bariatric

PDG Stellar HD Wheelchair.

PDG StellarHD Bariatric

PDG Lightweight Wheelchair

PDG Elevation Lightweight

PDG Leap Wheelchair.

PDG StellarLeap


Sunrise Medical Quickie Ligthweight Wheelchairs

Sunrise Quickie QXi Wheelchair.

Sunrise Quickie QXi

Sunrise Quickie M6 Wheelchair.

Sunrise Quickie M6

Sunrise Quickie 2 Family Wheelchair.

Sunrise Quickie 2 Family

Sunrise Quickie QX Wheelchair.

Sunrise Quickie QX

Sunrise Quickie LXI LX Wheelchair.

Sunrise LXI/LX


Sunrise Medical Quikie Rigid Wheelchairs

Sunrise Quickie Q7 NexGEN Wheelchair.

Sunrise Quickie Q7 NextGen

Quickie GT - Discontinued

Sunrise Quickie 7 Series Wheelchair.

Sunrise Quickie 7R & 7RS 

Sunrise Quickie 5R Wheelchair.

Sunrise Quickie 5R

Sunrise Quickie QRi Wheelchair.

Sunrise Quickie QRi

Sunrise Quickie GP Series Wheelchair.

Sunrise Quickie GP


Sunrise Quickie Sports Wheelchairs

Sunrise Quickie All Court Wheelchair.

Sunrise Quickie All Court

Sunrise Quickie Match Point Wheelchair.

Sunrise Quickie Match Point

Quickie Shark - Discontinued

Sunrise Quickie Attitude Wheelchair.

SUnrise Quickie Attitude


Sunrise Quickie & Breezy Tilting Wheelchairs

Sunrise Quickie IRIS Wheelchair.

Sunrise Quickie Iris

Sunrise Quickie SR45 Wheelchair.

Sunrise Quickie SR45

Breezy IBIS - Discontinued


Sunrise Breezy Lightweight Wheelchairs

Sunrise Breezy RubiX 2 Wheelchair.

sunrise Breezy RubiX2

Sunrise Breezy Ultra 4 Wheelchair.

Sunrise Breezy Ultra 4

Sunrise Breezy EC Series Wheelchair.

Sunrise Breezy EC Series

Sunrise Breezy 600 Wheelchair.

Sunrise Breezy 600


Maple Leaf Lightweight & Tilting Wheelchairs

Maple Leaf Access Wheelchair.

Maple Leaf Access

Maple Leaf NRG+ Wheelchair.
Maple Leaf NRG+
Maple Leaf NRG+ Gold Wheelchair.
Maple Leaf NRG+ GOLD
Maple Leaf Swift Wheelchair.
Maple Leaf Swift
Maple Leaf EZ Ride Wheelchair.

Maple Leaf EZ Ride

Maple Leaf Supter Tilt Wheelchair.

Maple Leaf Super Tilt

Maple Leaf LowRider Wheelchair.

Maple Leaf Low Rider

Maple Leaf MLTR Wheelchair.

Maple Leaf MLTR 500/600